Posted by: Ruel Doce | February 18, 2010

International Dance Xchange in Capiz

The Provincial Government of Capiz will be hosting the DANCE XCHANGE: 2nd Philippine International Dance Workshop and Festival on April 15 – 20 in celebration of the International Dance Day. It will be spearheaded by the National Committee on Dance of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.

The festival aims to: 1) provide venue for interaction and facilitate learning among dancers, directors, dance teachers, choreographers, tourism and cultural officers and dance scholars, 2)provide new ideas and inspiration that will stimulate the creativity of the dance educators, directors and choreographers, 3) showcase the unique dances of each country to facilitate cultural understanding, and 4) strengthen network among dance organizations and diplomatic relations among the participating countries. The Dance Xchange will have activities such as artists forum, dance workshops, festival of dances and outreach performances.

The National Committee on Dance of the NCCA recognized the importance of organizing events that will place dance at the center stage. The International Theatre Institute established the International Dance Day in 1982, celebrated every April 29th, to commemorate the birthday of Jean-Georges No¬verre (1727-1810), the founder of contemporary ballet. The celebration is intended to create conditions for dialogue and cooperation within the world dance community, and to promote dance art and reinforce its cultural and political position on the national and international levels.

Solidarity with the international dance community is the spirit that the NCCA-National Committee on Dance brings into the Dance Xchange. Confident that the celebration will gain strong support from the dance community, the local government units, educational institutions and dance enthusiasts, the Dance Xchange organizers has invited dance companies from the different countries to have a venue for dialogue and to present the different forms of dance.

The messages from the International Dance Day celebrations through the years have encouraged the National Committee on Dance to hold a grand event which will place the Philippines in the map of all international dance day celebrations.

The host, Province of Capiz was conferred the “Outstanding Culture Friendly LGU” on March 12, 2009 at Malacañan Palace, Manila by the International Theater Institute (ATI) and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.



  1. I would love to be involved in the ‘DANCE XCHANGE’. I am a dance educator in GUYANA, SOUTH AMERICA with responsibility for directing the work of the NATIONAL DANCE COMPANY of GUYANA. In 2009 dancers in Guyana had their first celebration of I.D.D.
    It is not financially feasible for us to travel to your country. We will be there in spirit. Best wishes to the international dance community.

  2. Thanks. Arts make all of us ONE. It would be our advocacy to the world for peace and unity.

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